OSHA-Compliant Forklift Certification

Our certified trainer will: Conduct the OSHA compliant classroom training at our training center Administer a written test and record the results for verification and compliance purposes Conduct hands-on evaluation of the operators on different types of powered industrial trucks Provide the operators with a forklift certification card identifying the types of PIT’s on which the operators demonstrated proficiency Forklift certifications can also be conducted at your facility! Check out the brochure

Attracting and Retaining Hourly Employees

As the workforce evolves, making hourly workers feel part of the mission is important by Brian Devine, President and CEO, Ignite Industrial Professionals Published in The MHEDA Journal; Q2 2023 Hourly employees think differently about their jobs than salaried employees, period. I did not realize that until 2007, when I initi­ated a national survey of hourly employees to identify their preferences and priorities related to their jobs. Up to that point, I as­sumed that most people thought about their jobs the same way that I thought about my job. I was wrong. One of the most basic things that we …

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Meet Brian Devine, president and CEO of Ignite Industrial Professionals

Brian Devine is the president and CEO of Ignite Industrial Professionals, bringing extensive experience and a unique understanding of both the labor needs of companies and the priorities and the preferences of essential front line workers. Brian started out as a mortgage banker and then took a position at a staffing company, which began a nearly 30-year career in the industry, He led the growth of the largest logistics staffing company in the country, and he started the largest survey of hourly associates in the U.S.  He has been on a mission to educate business leaders on ways to attract …

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