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Tired of just working a job, and want a career?

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We see your potential, and we provide the right certification for the best position.

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A Better Work Experience for You

Services We Offer Job Applicants and Workers:

We don’t just place you in a temporary job in a warehouse. We provide a stepping stone to a career.

OSHA-Compliant Forklift Certification

  • Full-time Certified Trainer
  • Classroom instruction
  • Hands-on evaluation in our facility*
  • Variety of PIT’s
  • Proper documentation for your records
  • Basic training for refresher / upskilling
  • Provide as a stand alone service offering

* OSHA requires operators be certified on the equipment in the facility they will be operating in

Full-time positions

  • Industrial worker version of executive search
  • Expands the potential applicant pool from 3.7% of the workforce to 62% of the workforce
    • The best candidates simply won’t consider a T-H position
  • Ignite does the hard work of recruiting, interviewing, screening, vetting and validating candidates
  • Your hiring representatives:
    • Interview pre-screened candidates
    • Provide immediate feedback
    • Extend job offer directly to candidate / determine start date
  • PrimeHire Search Fee
    • Same price as a typical Temp-to-Hire fee
    • Invoiced and earned over an 8 week period
    • If employee leaves for any reason during the hiring period, invoices stop
  • Win-Win
    • Companies get a more committed employee than a temp
    • Employee starts earning benefits from their first day of employment

Project work and seasonal positions

  • Labor market has changed
    • Flexibility ranks #2 (right behind pay rate)
    • Workers have the option to select weekly work schedule
    • Software platforms make it easy for employers and workers
    • 44 million people can’t / don’t want 40 hours per week
  • Most successful in 4 to 5 hour shifts
  • Perfect for the logistics industry –e-commerce
    • Transferable skills
    • Very short learning curve
    • Reduce / eliminate overtime

Fully Equipped Facility

  • We train and evaluate forklift operators in our own customized training facility, complete with a forklift obstacle course, pallets, and a pallet rack.
  • Our training room is equipped for presentation, lecture, discussion and evaluation.

Temporary Staff

  • We offer traditional temp staffing services for industrial jobs.
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“It doesn’t really matter what point you are or what fork in the road you’re taking, Ignite can kind of answer for both of those. So if you’re reaching out and you need a job, they’re there for that. If you decide you want to make that job into a career, they’re there to help with that as well.”

“I didn’t want to sign up with going through temp services and having to go paycheck to paycheck. I was looking to get back on my feet and Ignite gave me that.”