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PrimeHire Program

Benefits of our PrimeHire™ program: What you need to know!

Good industrial employees are an asset to any company and we know that, so to tap into a greater pool of workers, we came up with a solution: Our PrimeHire™ program. To tap into the pool of workers who are currently working – and increase our candidate pool looking for a job change — PrimeHire™ is the answer, as it is the industrial worker version of an executive search. At Ignite, we strive to change the mindset around industrial workers – making it desirable for employers to look for temporary-to-hire positions and helping temporary-to-hire workers get full-time jobs. We don’t only […]

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Introducing Ignite Industrial Professionals

What makes us a different kind of staffing agency?   You probably have a general knowledge of how a typical staffing agency works, but Ignite Industrial Professionals isn’t a typical staffing agency. So, what makes Ignite Industrial Professionals different? We’re glad you asked. In a nutshell, we are similar but with a few key differences. Our core values and operations are different and also, our mission is unique. While other staffing agencies recruit temporary workers for temporary positions, Ignite focuses on placing full-time employees in full-time careers in the supply chain industry. In fact, while other staffing companies try to place

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