Benefits of our PrimeHire™ program: What you need to know!

PrimeHire Program

Good industrial employees are an asset to any company and we know that, so to tap into a greater pool of workers, we came up with a solution: Our PrimeHire™ program. To tap into the pool of workers who are currently working – and increase our candidate pool looking for a job change — PrimeHire™ is the answer, as it is the industrial worker version of an executive search. At Ignite, we strive to change the mindset around industrial workers – making it desirable for employers to look for temporary-to-hire positions and helping temporary-to-hire workers get full-time jobs. We don’t only offer temporary jobs at Ignite – we are different from other staffing agencies. And we know that workers who have current full-time jobs don’t want to “go backwards” and leave a full-time job to try out a temporary-to-hire job.

Our PrimeHire™ program addresses these issues through a financial model that makes
sense for workers AND employers.

We calculate our PrimeHire™ fee to be the same amount that a company would pay if they used a temporary-to-hire process, so their costs are exactly the same. And even more importantly, we earn that PrimeHire™ fee over an 8-week period, rather than charge the fee on the first day the employee works. We invoice 1/8th of the fee at the end of each full week the employee works. Other benefits of our PrimeHire™ program:

1. The applicant pool goes from 3.6% (unemployed workers) of the population to
62% (currently employed but looking)

2. Ignite does all the time-consuming hard work of recruiting, interviewing, testing,
screening and certifying associates. For forklift operators – we test, screen and
certify forklift operators in our training facility, so we are certain PIT operators can
operate the equipment safely. We send only the most qualified candidates to the
customer’s hiring managers to interview, so they don’t waste time talking to
unqualified people.

3. The client makes the hiring decisions, and makes the job offer directly to the
successful candidate

4. We both (Ignite and our customers) have “skin in the game.” We only earn our
full fee if the associate completes the entire process, so we want them to be
successful, and of course our clients want to eliminate employee turnover (much
of which occurs in the first 60 days of a job). It’s a win-win. The employee gets a
full-time job and starts earning benefits from day 1, and the client gets the
commitment of a full-time associate rather than the semi-commitment of a
temporary worker.

Ignite Industrial Professionals

Are you a hard worker looking for a new job in the industrial supply chain industry? Or
are you an employer looking for hard workers? If you want to learn more about our
PrimeHire™ program contact us today.