Ignite’s new Essential Frontline Worker Survey: We want to hear from YOU!

essential frontline worker

At Ignite Industrial Professionals, we know that the essential frontline worker is the backbone of the U.S. economy.

Without the essential frontline worker, this country would quickly fall into chaos. But we know it is a hard job and there are improvements that can be made to benefit the front-line workers.

To that end, we are going to start conducting a survey asking workers about their preferences and priorities related to their job, policies they’d like to see implemented – or changed. It’s our way of getting a better look at how we can improve the lives of industrial workers.

It’s important for every essential frontline worker to have an opportunity to share their thoughts, likes and dislikes and more. Their voices are critical to make change – and improve how we work.

Here’s a link to the survey.

Some things we are excited to learn about include:

  1. What are essential frontline workers looking for in a job? Is it pay? Security? Schedule? Benefits?
  2. How long do EFW’s stay at a job?
  3. Would a gig-like model, where EFWs could choose four-hour shifts to work be appealing?
  4. What shift do Essential Frontline Workers (EFW’s) prefer? And what start time?

Through this survey, we hope to use these answers to communicate better with the workers we serve and use the information to help the employers looking for employees make hiring decisions – and change culture at their company.

Ignite Industrial Professionals

Are you a hard worker looking for a new job in the industrial supply chain industry? At Ignite Industrial Professionals, we source the best essential frontline workers, so contact us today.