How to make the biggest impact when using temporary labor

temporary labor

Today, many manufacturers and distribution centers are having issues finding temporary labor.

Finding high-quality manufacturing employees can be a challenge, but for employers, you must play the long game when it comes to temporary labor. Taking a reactive approach to employment almost never works – and we know. We’ve seen it all at Ignite Industrial Professionals!
At Ignite, we are worker-focused – because if you respect the industrial professionals and their knowledge, you’ll have a better outcome long-term.

We know temporary labor is important for many of our employer partners – they need the ability to adjust labor costs up or down as their business conditions warrant.

Temporary workers deserve respect and acknowledgment for the hard, valuable work they do – and recognizing them can go a long way in addressing your temporary staffing issues.
Workers who feel valued and appreciated are an asset to ANY business. By extending respect, which is one of our core values here at Ignite Industrial Professionals, you’ll see benefits like productivity, attendance and more. When your business works with a company like Ignite Industrial Professionals, you get workers who come to work READY to work. We treat these industrial professionals like the experts they are –reliable, productive, and satisfied employees. Our innovative model is built on: Respect, Integrity, Perseverance and Service. And we offer our PrimeHire service for the times when it’s more appropriate to hire full-time associates for full-time positions.

And our SPARK Flex platform is an app that connects warehouse workers who need a flexible schedule with employers who need workers. Sort of like an Uber or Door Dash for industrial professionals – which means your business will have access to workers who are ready to work, right when you need them.
Whether you need temporary labor or full-time employees, we work hard for hard workers.
When you shift the focus of your company to the employees, you can all but eliminate temporary staffing issues. At Ignite, we will source great industrial workers, but it is important that the employer provide a great work environment, training, and onboarding, as well as proper compensation because these workers are industrial professionals.

Ignite Industrial Professionals

Are you a hard worker looking for a new job in the industrial supply chain industry? Or are you an employer looking for hard workers? If you want to learn more about SPARK Flex Platform, contact us today.