Meet Brian Devine, president and CEO of Ignite Industrial Professionals

Brian Devine is the president and CEO of Ignite Industrial Professionals, bringing extensive experience and a unique understanding of both the labor needs of companies and the priorities and the preferences of essential front line workers.

Brian started out as a mortgage banker and then took a position at a staffing company, which began a nearly 30-year career in the industry, He led the growth of the largest logistics staffing company in the country, and he started the largest survey of hourly associates in the U.S.  He has been on a mission to educate business leaders on ways to attract and retain the best workers in the market, and he often speaks at national and regional conferences on the topic of labor.

“We want to change the industrial staffing industry by being the best career exchange for industrial professionals,” he said. “Ignite is the best source for companies to find great talent and for professionals to find a great career.”

The current labor market demands different solutions and Ignite Industrial Professionals is uniquely poised to deliver. Brian said the company’s focus on full-time employees for full-time jobs came from when he worked at a different staffing company. He took his knowledge of the industry and sought to help employees and employers find each other.

And he knew Ignite had to find its niche, which is why it focuses on supply chain workers in industrial spaces. He knew the industry needed a disruption, because staffing companies weren’t meeting the needs of their clients – and they weren’t adjusting their service offerings to respond to the changes in the labor market.

“While most staffing companies try to fill all kinds of positions from clerical and accounting to healthcare support and IT, we  limit our focus to logistics and manufacturing jobs,” Brian said. “And we are really good at it.”

His vision for Ignite is to continue to grow – expanding out of Ohio and into major logistics hubs like Chicago, Atlanta and Dallas in the next two years. (We’ve already started to fill manufacturing positions!)

“The demand for this work continues to grow, and even with the increased use of automation and robotics, there will always be a need for skilled professionals.” Brian said.

Married for more than 40 years, Brian and his wife have four children and 11 grandchildren. In his family and in his role at Ignite, Brian leads by example – seeking to make everyone included and their voices heard.

“He’s very giving with his time,” said Melissa Zimmerman, vice president of operations. “He has a great sense of humor, and he works hard to build personal and professional relationships. Ignite is a family-first company. And that’s because of Brian.”

Brian said his philosophy is simple: He wants to provide specific points of differentiation from our competitors. He acknowledges that Ignite isn’t the best fit for every person looking for a job or every company looking for staff, because “there are applicants who just don’t measure up to our standards, and there are companies who don’t treat their essential workers with the level of respect that they deserve. It’s our job to match the best associates with the best companies in the market.”

Our tag line says it all: We work hard for hard workers.

Ignite Industrial Professionals

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