Everything you need to know Ignite Industrial Professional’s SPARK Flex Platform

SPARK Flex Platform

What if there was an app that would connect warehouse workers who need a flexible schedule with employers who have short term projects? There is, and it is Ignite Industrial Professional’s new SPARK Flex Platform. It’s like Uber or Door Dash, but this app is designed specifically for the logistics industry. It’s perfect for students or parents or people with full time jobs who want to pick up some extra money.

The SPARK Flex platform is our new web-based platform that allows people to set up a short profile (which only takes about 90 seconds!) and upload the days and times that they are available to work for the week. Logistics companies create an account on the same SPARK Flex platform.

When employers have projects, they can send out a request to the available Spark workers in their area, and the workers whose availability match the project will get a text notification with all the details of the assignment, and the worker can choose to accept it or decline it. Think of it as a matchmaking site for quality employers to meet industrial professionals – and the SPARKs will fly.

“We are so proud to offer this platform to employers and industrial professionals,” said Ignite Industrial Professionals CEO Brian Devine. “It’s a great way for companies to tap into a pool of great workers who simply can’t work a traditional full-time job. it’s a total win-win.”

SPARK Flex workers can change their availability on the platform at any time – meaning if childcare, health issues or a vacation are issues, SPARK Flex workers can take a break to attend to their unique needs.

They can also cancel a SPARK Flex shift they accepted should something arise at the last minute, making it hard to get to work.

“This platform is super user friendly and if issues do arise, the Ignite team is always able to help,” Devine said.

In this gig economy, this platform will help unite workers and employers with flexible, important front-line jobs. It’s perfect for parents, retirees and those who don’t need or want a full-time job – but want flexible opportunities. Also, the platform is great for students who have to work around busy class schedules and studying for exams.

If you are interested in learning more about the SPARK Flex Platform, visit here.

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