Summer staffing needs: Forecasting what 2024 will look like for your business

Summer staffing needs

Summer is here and that means fun in the sun! But it can also mean that businesses need to take a look at their summer staffing needs.

In the manufacturing industry, summer staffing needs – generally June, July and August – can mean production slows and there is a seasonal shift or slowdown. Your employees want (and need!) time off and the lure of beach days, vacations and other summer fun can mean productivity slips as well.

But your summer staffing needs don’t have to derail your business! Heading into summer of 2024, here are some forecasts for the manufacturing industry. With a few adjustments, a positive mindset and some proactive strategies, your summer staffing needs can be a breeze this year.

Things that often happen in the summer are supply chain disruptions and skilled labor shortages – especially in the manufacturing industry. Summer can be slower for other reasons as well, and dating back to the early 1900s, automaker Henry Ford saw this and started scheduling a shutdown in the summer months (and that continues for many automakers to this day!).

Here are a few things to consider this summer.

Vacations: Your hardworking employees have vacation time and summer is when they want to use it. With school out, families want to travel. This can leave you with a shortage of workers, but it doesn’t have to. Companies like Ignite can help businesses fill the temporary void when their full-time hourly associates take their well-earned PTO!

Heat: You can’t do much about the weather, but it can definitely slow down your employees. It can also strain your equipment. The weather can also impact supply chain, as suppliers are also dealing with vacations, reduced output and weather delays.

So, what can you do? Plenty!

Manufacturers that plan ahead by looking at past data can fill gaps with temporary workers by anticipating the challenges ahead. Flexible staffing and scheduling can help you deal with vacationing employees – plenty of highly qualified manufacturing professionals are looking for temporary work in the summer.

You can also choose to schedule maintenance and upgrades during your slower periods – again, doing this in the summer can actually save you time!

Finally, when you embrace technology, you can use these powerful tools to keep your manufacturing company humming along this summer. Our SPARK Flex Platform is like Uber or Door Dash for your company, as it is an app that connects warehouse workers who need a flexible schedule with employers who have short term projects.

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