Introducing Ignite Industrial Professionals

What makes us a different kind of staffing agency?


You probably have a general knowledge of how a typical staffing agency works, but Ignite Industrial Professionals isn’t a typical staffing agency.
So, what makes Ignite Industrial Professionals different? We’re glad you asked.

In a nutshell, we are similar but with a few key differences. Our core values and operations are different and also, our mission is unique. While other staffing agencies recruit temporary workers for temporary positions, Ignite focuses on placing full-time employees in full-time careers in the supply chain industry. In fact, while other staffing companies try to place people in a variety of roles, from accountants to call center representatives to IT professionals, we focus exclusively on filling key positions in the supply chain.

By focusing solely on the supply chain industry, Ignite Industrial Professionals allows us to be the experts – recruiting and placing the top talent in your company. Another key difference that sets Ignite apart is our training and validation systems. We have a full-time forklift trainer and a warehouse at our local branch in Columbus, Ohio – which gives us the ability to assess each candidate’s ability to operate different types of industrial trucks and enhance their existing skills or provide additional training, if necessary.

Ignite Industrial Professionals also has a gig-scheduling app that gives us the opportunity to tap into the ever-growing pool of gig workers. Currently, there are 44 million people in the U.S. – between 16-65 – who aren’t working. Some can’t work a 40-hour a week job; others don’t want to (think students, parents or retirees looking for a little extra spending money). However, many are interested in picking up an easy 4-hour shift a few times a week and Ignite Industrial Professionals has sought to ease the process through our gig-scheduling app – making it easy for us to post available shifts (and workers to find gigs that fit their needs).

Ultimately, our goal is to change the perception of hourly workers from a commodity to have them be seen as the essential front-line workers that they are – as industry professionals.

We want to be the premier career exchange for top-notch industrial workers, which benefits employees – placing them in jobs where they are treated with respect and paid accordingly – and employers – by helping them find top talent who want to work hard and stick around.
The culture here is different because at Ignite, we have worked hard to build a company that promotes our values daily: We walk the walk when it comes to Respect, Integrity, Perseverance and Service.

Our tagline is more than a tagline: We work hard for hard workers. It’s brevity and clarity make it easy to not only find fantastic employees but also partner with outstanding employers.

Ignite Industrial Professionals

Are you a hard worker looking for a new job in the industrial supply chain industry? Or are you a employer looking for hard workers? Contact us today.