How Ignite can help grow your supply chain business

In these times, finding employees for your supply chain business can be tough. You want employees who are in it for the long haul – and you know how important a strong workforce is, needing to value and treat them as part of a team.

After all, your employees are the key to your supply chain business’ success.

So, how does Ignite Industrial Professionals help? We help companies build the right team for the job.

In most companies, the human resources team is responsible for 100 different things, including recruiting and retaining employees. At Ignite, we feel strongly that your HR team should spend their time focusing on retaining your current employees – and let us handle the time-consuming tasks of recruiting, interviewing, screening and certifying new candidates for you to interview to fill your open positions. You get to choose from the pre-screened candidate or candidate – and then make a job offer.

Our team at Ignite has decades of experience working with front-line workers – essential employees –and we understand their priorities and preferences as it relates to their jobs. We can advise your company on how to modify policies to attract and retain  the best workers in the market.

Most temporary workers have a temporary mindset. An employee’s loyalty to a company mirrors the employer’s loyalty to the worker – meaning  most temp workers simply don’t have the same level of commitment as the full-time workers, and you can’t blame them.  That’s why we recruit and place full-time employees in full-time jobs and temporary workers for temporary jobs.

You probably know that labor is often the largest expense in a distribution center, so managing your labor costs correctly can have a big impact on the profitability of your company.  If your supply chain business can’t attract and retain high-quality, dedicated employees who show up ready to work, you could be wasting a lot of money on overtime and additional headcount that you would otherwise not need.

We have the knowledge of what a new employee wants when they are looking for a new job:

  • Competitive Pay rate
  • Schedule and flexibility (opportunity to attend a child’s sporting event or field trip, for example)
  • Good Reputation in the market
  • Respect (leadership demonstrating respect to every employee every day)
  • Benefits (PTO, health care and more)

Ignite is more than a typical staffing service. Companies need a solid, stable workforce but they also need the flexibility to adjust headcount as labor needs fluctuate. We work with companies, so they understand the different levels of the hiring continuum for hourly associates. On one end of the continuum, you have simple daily assignments, and on the other end you have full-time positions.

At Ignite, we understand the differences and adjust our recruiting and screening efforts based on the phase within that hiring continuum. So, in addition to our PrimeHire option for full time positions, our gig scheduling app, Spark, is perfect for posting shifts for a short-term projects and attracting those workers who only want those types of projects.

Ignite Industrial Professionals

Are you a hard worker looking for a new job in an industrial supply chain business? Or are you an employer looking for hard workers? Contact us today.