What makes a great manufacturing employee

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What makes a great manufacturing employee

If you think about what makes a great manufacturing employee, you might think of traits like strength and a solid work ethic.

And you’d be correct because those two traits are absolutely important when it comes to being a great manufacturing employee.

But there are other skills, depending on the company, the job, and each individual employee that can set you apart as you look for your dream manufacturing or industrial job.

At Ignite Industrial Professionals, we pride ourselves on setting our people up for success, so here are some things we look for when considering what makes a great manufacturing employee.

Communication skills

Good communication skills are critical in every job, but for the manufacturing industry, they are important for some specific reasons. Manufacturing or industrial employees need to be able to talk to coworkers to troubleshoot issues, achieve teamwork, and self-advocate, when necessary, with coworkers and management. This can prevent blow-ups, a desire to quit a job in frustration, and needless misunderstandings.

Attention to detail

Manufacturing is one job where attention to detail can make a huge difference, both for the speed at which you do your job and the level at which you perform tasks. Focus and attention to detail can also prevent injuries, as many manufacturing jobs require employees to operate heavy machinery – and if you aren’t focused on the task at hand, following all safety requirements, someone can get hurt or even killed.

Technology skills and interest

The modern factory is increasingly technology-driven, so having an aptitude for technology is a key skill for a great manufacturing employee. Employers are actively looking for workers who love and understand technology, as advances like AI bring factories into the next decade. If you love technology and are willing to learn new skills, you’ll have a place at many top companies.


Like most jobs, if your employer can’t depend on you to show up, ready to work, you won’t have a job for long. This is even more critical in the manufacturing industry, where many employees are specifically trained to do a job that is a key component in a larger workday. Being dependable is about more than arriving on time and ready to work; it’s about being able to do your job independently and reliably as well.


A manufacturing job can be so many things, and employees who are able to be trained in multiple jobs are going to be incredibly valuable to the organization. So, what does this mean? It means you learn more than one skill, so you can fill in for a coworker on leave, vacation or who doesn’t come to work for whatever reason. Offering cross-training is something that will set you apart from others in your position, as versatility is always welcome.

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