Flexibility and Stability: National Working Mom’s Day

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Flexibility and Stability: National Working Mom’s Day

Being a working mom creates different highs and lows for each mom. At Ignite, we understand the challenges that working moms face and we provide flexibility and grace for the working moms on our team. Don’t take it from us, take it from the working moms on our team.

Our team all agree that Ignite is the most understanding and flexible employer they’ve had. Ignite maintains an environment that supports productive communication which is one of the things that allows for the flexibility that can facilitate.

Most of the moms on our team feel similarly about the most rewarding part of motherhood. Our Branch Manager, Lindsey (mother of 3) explains that the best part of being a mom is “Watching your babies grow. Seeing them go from completely dependent on you to being more independent every day is magical.”

Our working moms had some interesting perspectives on the rewards of being a working mom. Our Vice President of Operations, Melissa (mother of 4 and grandmother of 1) says it is rewarding “to have a career that revolves around you. Your career is something that is uniquely yours. Figuring out how to balance work and life is so rewarding.” Maria (mother of 2), a talent specialist at Ignite, and Ana (mother of 1), our administrative Specialist agree that providing for their children’s needs is the most rewarding part.

Although all of our working moms agreed that it is hard being away from their children, especially when younger they are, they had some advice to share with women who are soon-to-be working moms. Natalie (mother of 1), Ignite’s Marketing Specialist says it is important to “give yourself some grace and allow yourself to feel the feelings, but know that it doesn’t last forever. It is important to keep in mind just how resilient kids are. You’ve got this!” Angela (mother of 2 and grandmother of 5), our Payroll and HR Administrator reminds newly working moms to “maintain a healthy work-life balance. It is a really hard thing to fix once it is broken.” Melissa added “Be in the moment. Take care of the most important things at that moment. Stay committed. Take care of yourself. Find a way to fit your work life into your personal life and figure out how to make them work together.”

We want to say a special thank you to the working moms at Ignite Industrial Professionals!

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