Supply Chain Industry FAQ: Traits we look for when partnering with employers

Supply Chain Industry

At Ignite Industrial Professionals, our commitment to front-line workers is in our name. We treat them like the professionals they are, and when we work with employers in the supply chain industry, we look for the same kind of mentality. 

We don’t want to place our industrial professionals in just any company. When we partner with those in the supply chain industry, we take care to look for key traits. 

So, what are we looking for? It’s simple. We are looking for companies who understand the value and contributions of front line workers; their expertise and work ethic. We work with companies who treat their employees with respect – and who offer competitive pay rates for the market. 

We don’t want the industrial professionals we place in jobs to dread going to work – we want them to wake up excited to be a vital part of a team, working hard in a job they love – and that loves them back.

That said, we ask a lot of questions of our clients. At Ignite, we want to ensure that our employees are going into a job where they have management who values their work and are surrounded by a team who is just as committed to the job.

We want them to show up and have clear objectives and safety measures in place, knowing their voice is important and that they should be free to express concerns and thoughts. 

At Ignite, we know that it is important to feel a sense of purpose and responsibility and be respected, going home at the end of each shift happy with your work and coworkers. 

And we know that having a management team in place that leads by example, putting employees first is important – and one of the top things management can do is to pay industrial professionals what they are worth, offering competitive benefits and compensation. It shouldn’t stop there: Good employers will also offer paths for advancement and other programs found in white collar jobs. 

Finally, we know the value of industrial professionals. And they are a loyal and hardworking group. We love to see that loyalty and work ethic rewarded, so employees don’t just feel like they don’t mean something to the company. 

Great industrial company partners aren’t always easy to find, but they make our job worthwhile. 

Ignite Industrial Professionals

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