Respect, Integrity, Perseverance and Serve: Learn more about our company values from President and CEO Brian Devine

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At Ignite Industrial Professionals, we have four company values that serve as our North Star – in our client interactions, our community work and the way we do business each and every day.

I try to live these values daily in my role as CEO – not only because I believe in them, but because I believe in my employees and clients as well.

At the root of Ignite Industrial Professionals is the goal to be the best company we can be: For our employees, our clients, the community and our shareholders.

And it starts with these company values: Respect, Integrity, Perseverance and Serve.


This is the primary focus of this company and in my opinion, the most important thing we do. We offer respect to everyone we work with. The fact is, many people in the industrial workforce space aren’t respected in the way I think they should be and they often are not treated with dignity because the work they do can be seen as demeaning or unimportant.

But I know it’s some of the most critical work out there and so we put respect at the top of our mission. It starts from the time someone comes in to fill out an application. We greet them and offer a drink or a snack, which you might think is something everyone does but that isn’t always the case. Industrial workers don’t always get treated that way when they go in for an interview – but at Ignite, we make sure to treat them like the professionals that they are.

We also only work with companies that share our values and have the utmost respect for their employees. We won’t continue relationships with companies that don’t respect their employees – we have very high standards.


Now, it might seem like you should not have to place integrity on a list, as it should be a given for any company. But we put it on the list because we believe any professional or personal relationship starts with trust. We want people to trust us to do what we say we are going to do – keeping our clients and associates’ best interests top of mind.

This shows up at Ignite in our funnel of questions that we use to make everyday decisions. First, we ask, what is best for our clients? What is best for Ignite and our employees? What is best for each local branch? And then, what is best for our investors?

Our mindset is this: If you do the right thing for your clients, the profits will come, and everyone will be rewarded.


The industrial labor industry is a tough business. So we look to perseverance as one of our company values because I know that as a team, if we continue to persevere in difficult times when recruiting is tough (as it’s been in recent years) and continue to do the right things, we will succeed.

What does perseverance look like? It basically means going the extra mile – each and every day. Making an extra phone call. Offering client support. Making sure the job is done and done well.

It’s also about knowing that things aren’t always going to go well but plowing through and then making corrections.


At the end of the day, we chose Serve as one of our core values because we feel a deep obligation to serve our community. We know we have responsibilities to work with our local business community, give back to local nonprofit organizations and help where we can – either financially or by spending our time helping.

Our employees get involved too: Serving at food pantries, participating in fundraisers, and always working to be an integral part of the community.

We also serve our clients as well. Servant leadership is an overused term, but it is something I look at as my goal. I want to serve my employees, my clients and my community – leading by example.

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